Steel Toe Koa

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Steel Toe Koa


Steel Toe

  • Known to be very tough and easy to sharpen. It can also take a keener edge then a lot of stainless steels.

Koa (K&G stabilized)

  • Koa is a Hawaiian wood that is known for its holographic nature.

  • K&G have over 20 years in stabilizing and are known to be the best.

  • The stabilizing process almost turns wood into a plastic. This makes the wood very resistant to warping and water damage.

Differential Hardening (Hamon)

  • A hamon is the wavy line you see on the blade. Its not just for looks, it serves a function. Traditionally hamons are found on Japanese swords. The hamon is created during the heat treating process. The spine is cooled at a much slower rate then the edge. This creates a differential hardening where the spine is soft and the edge is hard. The reason for this technique is to stop snapping of the blade, while also giving you the ability to straighten the blade if it has become bent in any way.

.07” Thick at the spine

  • A thinner spine means that you don’t have to push material out of the way. Making it easier to glide through what you are cutting.

8" Blade

13" Overall

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