Outdoorsman Mesquite burl & Redwood Lace Burl

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Outdoorsman Mesquite burl & Redwood Lace Burl

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1095 HC Steel

  • Known to be very tough and easy to sharpen. It can also take a keener edge then a lot of stainless steels.

Mesquite Burl and Redwood Lace Burl

Differential Hardening (Hamon)

  • A hamon is the wavy line you see on the blade. Its not just for looks, it serves a function. Traditionally hamons are found on Japanese swords. The hamon is created during the heat treating process. The spine is cooled at a much slower rate then the edge. This creates a differential hardening where the spine is soft and the edge is hard. The reason for this technique is to stop snapping of the blade.

1/8” Thick at the spine

5" Blade

9.5" Overall

Paracord lanyard

Kydex Shealth

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