Your knife may come with a coating of food safe mineral oil to protect it for its journey. I recommend washing it off with soap and cold water before use.

Do not put in the dishwasher! It will destroy the handle and may cause it to separate from the blade.

Keep that Blade sharp

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Sharpening tips: Grind into the edge on one side of the blade with a course stone until you feel a ridge on the opposite side of the edge you just worked. Then switch sides and remove that ridge. There should be a new ridge on the side you started on. Repeat through higher grits. Then do one stroke on each side in till desired sharpness. Last, use a leather strop in a motion away from the edge to finish. You can also use a steel rod for temporary sharpening. However you’re going to want to use a sharpening stone to get it to a true edge every once in a while.


The handle Maintenance is easy. Apply butcher block conditioner every month or so. Then apply a hardening oil like Tung, Teak, or Danish oil every 6 months for upkeep on maximum water resistance. This will be the most important step to keep your handle in great condition.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is prone to rust when in contact with water, or acidic foods. Grab some Scotch Bright (back of the sponge) or fine steel wool and buff off the red rust. Red rust is your enemy. After removing the rust a Black stain will be left behind, this is Iron (II) oxide and it won’t affect food. This is your patina. Over time your knife may turn blue as well. This is normal. Touch it up as desired. To reduce tarnishing or for long term storage you can use a coat of food safe oil (Not cooking oil). I recommend butcher block oil, it contains mineral oil and food safe waxes.

That’s it,

If you have any questions feel free to contact me